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This pump head is special used in high precision filling and it adopts the patented technology (utility model 201720657416X), which can realize the arbitrary filling amount and adjust the error between channels to zero. The flow automatic compensation can

Flow range:0.008-2400ml/min

Single head max channel:1

Multichannel No.:4


Using pump head D35 features:

1, It has flow fine-tuning function which can eliminate the inter-channel error when multi-machine sharing and can automatically compensate the flow with the measurement equipment.

2, The pump head and the motor are directly connected, the reliability is high, the volume is small, easy to clean, convenient to support.

3, It has good structural rigidity, high stability, high precision, strong anti-interference ability.

4, Good flow reproducibility, the flow rate of the positive and negative flow is stable, uniform pressure, and the tubing is durable on this pump head.

5, Using stepper motor drive, the motor uses imported bearings.

6, Using our roller sealing patent technology (utility model 201720657416X), the gaskets are made of PTFE, which has high temperature resistance and long life.

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