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The flow of BT600MK can reach to 7.2L / min with D35M pump head, and can reach to 12L / min with D35L pump head, its high reliability can be widely used in industrial bulk transmission, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Flow range:1.2-12000mL/min

Max channel:1


1. Three-digit LED display shows motor rpm, with full speed function.

2. Using "double CPU" control, drive and control are separated.

3. These precision drives offer analog remote control options such as capacitance sensor, liquid level sensor, photoelectric sensor and foot switch -ideal for automated process applications. 

4. Using the stepper motor to control speed, high precision and is not affected by the change of load, large torque, low power consumption, strong adaptability.

5. Excellent driving circuit performance, good heat dissipation, low noise, stable running, with power off memory function. Conformal coating is used on the circuit board, anti interference characteristics and wide voltage design, suitable for complex environment.

6. BT-MK series have handles, easy to carry.  Can accept multiple pump heads.

Using pump head D35 features:

1, It has flow fine-tuning function which can eliminate the inter-channel error when multi-machine sharing and can automatically compensate the flow with the measurement equipment.

2, The pump head and the motor are directly connected, the reliability is high, the volume is small, easy to clean, convenient to support.

3, It has good structural rigidity, high stability, high precision, strong anti-interference ability.

4. Good flow reproducibility, the flow rate of the positive and negative flow is stable, uniform pressure, and the tubing is durable on this pump head.

5, Using stepper motor drive, the motor uses imported bearings.

6, Using our roller sealing patent technology (utility model 201720657416X), the gaskets are made of PTFE, which has high temperature resistance and long life.

  • Specifications

    Drive model: BT600MK

    Speed range: 0.1-600rpm

    Flow range: 1.2-12000mL/min

    Speed resolution: 0.1rpm(≤100rpm); 1rpm(>100rpm)

    Adjustment of filling volume:  With flow fine-tuning function, which can achieve fine adjustment of filling volume, reduce inter-channel error, flow compensation and other functions.

    Precision: Transferring precision: ±0.5%

    Display: Three-digit LED

    Operate mode: Toggle switch+digital control knob

    External control: 0-5V (standard)、0-10V (optional)、4-20mA (standard), 0-10K (standard)

    External control type: Start /stop, Direction change【TTL 5V (standard), TTL 12V (optional), TTL 24V (optional)

    Port output: DC12V Power Output; DC5V TTL Output (optional)

    Communication interface: RS232, RS485 (Start/stop, Direction change, speed control)

    Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz(standard); AC110V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz; AC380V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz(optional)

    Power consumption: ≤120W

    Operating condition: Temperature, 0℃ to 40℃;  Relative humidity < 80%

    IP rating: IP31

    Drive weight: 13.6kg

    Drive size: Length * Width * High: 224mm*212mm*282mm (with the handle)

  • Using pump head and tubing

    Drive model

    Pump head

    Tubing model

    flow range(mL/min)








  • Size

    BT600MK D35M 尺寸 英文.png



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