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Intelligent industrial peristaltic pump, high precision, can transfer high viscosity liquid, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

Flow range:0-21500mL/min

Max channel:1


1. The 3.5-inch 320*240 high-brightness LCD display, all operating parameters are displayed on the same screen, and the operation is simple and easy to understand.

2. It adopts "dual CPU" control, separate drive and control, fast calculation speed, stable work, high transmission accuracy, precise one-key filling function, and the repeat accuracy can reach ±0.5%.

3. With intelligent slow stop function, continuous start and stop operations can be carried out without causing damage to the equipment.

4. It has the functions of automatic flow correction, sound reminder, stepless speed regulation, start-stop, reversing, etc., with full-speed button, with fast filling and emptying functions. With handle, easy to carry.

5. Abundant external control functions are available for selection. For example, DC12V output is convenient for direct connection of various sensors, capacitance sensors, liquid level sensors, photoelectric sensors, etc.; the product hardware reserves a variety of circuit interfaces to meet the special customized needs of customers.

6. Using stepping motor to control the speed, direct connection structure, not affected by load changes, large torque, low power consumption, and strong adaptability.

7. The drive circuit has excellent performance, good heat dissipation, low working noise, stable operation, and has a power-off memory function. The internal circuits are treated with three preventions, with excellent interference performance and wide voltage design, suitable for complex power supply environments.

8. The flow rate can reach 21L/min, and the 4.8mm wall thickness hose is used, which has stronger suction and is better at handling viscous liquids.

9. The structure is upgraded and the linearity is high.

10. Adopting the patented technology of ZHUNZE roller seal (utility model 201720657416X), which prolongs the service life of the pump head and is more adaptable to places with harsh environments. See the right picture for details.

11. There is no need to use joints, and the sanitation level is high to prevent secondary pollution.

12. The main body of the pump head is made of PPS material, which has good rigidity, and the stuck tube is stable without deviation; the gaskets are made of polytetrafluoroethylene, which is resistant to high temperatures and has a long life.

  • Specifications

    Drive model: BL650HG

    Speed range: 0.1-650rpm

    Speed resolution: 0.1rpm(≤100rpm); 1rpm(>100rpm)

    Flow range: 1.37-21500mL/min

    Precision: Transferring precision: ±0.5%

    Display: LCD screen (3.5 inch)

    Operate mode: Membrane keypad + Digital control knob

    External control: 0-5V (standard)、0-10V (optional)、4-20mA (standard), 0-10K (standard)

    External control type: Start /stop, Direction change【TTL 5V (standard), TTL 12V (optional), TTL 24V (optional)

    Port output: DC12V Power Output; DC5V TTL Output (optional)

    Communication interface: RS232, RS485 (Start/stop, Direction change, speed control)

    Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz(standard); AC110V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz; AC380V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz(optional)

    Power consumption: ≤450W

    Operating condition: Temperature, 0℃ to 40℃;  Relative humidity < 80%

    IP rating: IP31

    Drive weight: Stainless steel 34kg

    Drive size: Length * Width * High: 304mm*264mm*370mm

  • Using pump head and tubing

    Drive model

    Pump head

    Using tubing (bore*wall mm)

    Flow range (mL/min)









  • Size

    BL650HG DP45 尺寸英文.jpg



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