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ZHUNZE Platinum vulcanized silicone tube

Medical grade, high elasticity, white translucent, is the most widely used peristaltic pump dedicated tubing

General review

ZHUNZE peristaltic pump tubing is made of imported silicone rubber raw materials, platinum vulcanization production process, standardized production, to ensure that the pump pipe size tolerance to meet the requirements, accurate and reliable flow to ensure the best use of stable performance. With non-toxic, physiological inert, resistant to ultraviolet light, ozone resistance, high and low temperature resistance, compression-resistant permanent deformation, strong resilience, tear resistance, high transparency and other advantages. It can be widely used in GMP pharmaceutical, bio-engineering, molecular biology, fine chemicals, environmental protection, food processing and other fields of scientific research and production.


  • Tubing size

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  • Tubing characteristics

    1, with good flexibility, that is, the hose can be quickly restored after radial compression shape.

    2, with good wear resistance.

    3, With a certain pressure capacity

    4, Do not leak (good air tightness).

    5, low adsorption, good temperature resistance, easy aging, precipitation is low; and compatible with the transmission of liquid.

  • The factors to choose

    1, chemical resistance / chemical compatibility: when transferring different fluids, the tubing should show excellent chemical properties, which is called chemical compatibility. Such as: low adsorption, good temperature resistance, not aging, no swelling, corrosion resistance, precipitation and other low. Chemical resistance decreases with increasing temperature, and chemicals that do not affect the tube at room temperature may have an effect on the tube as the temperature increases.

    2, Pressure: The application of peristaltic pump is limited by the tube pressure performance. If the system pressure exceeds the ultimate pressure of the tube, the tube will expand, leading excessive wear or rupture. Factors affecting the tube pressure are: material, diameter and wall thickness ratio.

    3, Temperature: the temperature range of the tube is the factors that we need to consider. Different materials have different temperature performance.

    4, Size: the size of the tube has a direct impact on the flow, peristaltic pump design will consider the application of the tube diameter and wall thickness, matching the best tubing size. The inner diameter of the tube determines the flow rate; the wall thickness affects the ability of the tube to be compressed and rebounded, and has a great effect on the life of the tube.

    5, Transparency: whether to use transparent pipes, depends on whether the operator needs to observe the status of the fluid at any time, but also depends on whether the fluid is sensitive to light.

    6, Permeability: for some of the gas-sensitive fluids, such as vulnerable to oxidized fluid or anaerobic cell culture medium, the user should consider the permeability of the pipeline, in general, the permeability of silicone tube is the highest.

    7, Certification: tube for related purposes may be need to get through the relevant certification. Such as the USP Standard USP, the European Pharmacopoeia Standard EP, the US Food and Drug Administration Standards FDA, the US Department of Agriculture Standard USDA and the National Health Foundation Standard NSF.

    8, The flexibility of the hose / elasticity / life: The wear and tear resistance and the life is different of different tube. We call the service life flexible life in the pump system. In a particular application, the pump characteristics are consistent. The pump operation can achieve longer tubing life at lower speeds.



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