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Equipment and equipment supporting

With the emergence of a variety of new instruments and equipment, experiments and production become more and more simple. There was an experiment or a production of product need to purchase a variety of instruments to complete, now can be more integrated products to complete independently.

For this highly integrated product, are generally divided into several functional modules to design, and fluid transmission module is one of the important components. There are many types of products that can be used as fluid transfer modules, gear pumps, plunger pumps, diaphragm pumps, impeller pumps, screw pumps, peristaltic pumps, and so on.

From the type of liquid that can be transmitted, the peristaltic pump is the most powerful. Peristaltic pump can transmit inorganic salts, strong acid and alkali, all kinds of organic matter and even strong corrosive organic matter; In addition, peristaltic pump can transmit a certain viscosity of the liquid.

From the maintenance point of view, peristaltic pump only need to replace the tube, don’t need to disassemble, do not need daily maintenance. ZHUNZE peristaltic pump head roller adopts the self-developed sealing structure, which can effectively prevent the pollution of the roller bearing caused by the rupture of the tubing and so on, and improve the reliability of the product under the limit condition.

From the inherent characteristics of view, peristaltic pump has a strong self-priming ability, can make the instrument and equipment design more convenient; in addition to peristaltic pump also has a good self-sealing, the overall design of the product can save a lot of valves, To improve the reliability of equipment.

From the use level, the peristaltic pump has a good linearity if the speed change is not big, can control the flow of the liquid by changing speed exactly, which is convenient on the overall control of the device design.

In addition, the change of the outlet pressure of the peristaltic pump has little effect on its flow rate, which is not available in other pumps. The hygienic level of the peristaltic pump is the highest and can effectively prevent cross-contamination between different liquids. Peristaltic pump can transfer air for a long time, in some cases, this is particularly conducive to the design of a device design features.

At present, there have been more and more instruments and equipment began to use peristaltic pump design, and this is also a trends of lot of equipment design.

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