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Laboratory and scientific research

In the experimental and scientific research process, we usually need to transfer kinds of liquid, such as inorganic salts solution, acid and alkali solution, organic corrosion solution. Limited by the size of the experimental table, the type of pump needs to be as small as possible. Trapezoidal pumps are the most reliable and convenient option in the absence of special high pressure requirements or pulsating requirements.

Peristaltic pump has a strong self-priming ability, it is easy to absorb the liquid directly from the beaker, tube or other containers. The other type of pump required to be filled with liquid before using. It is dangerous to use other type of pump if the liquid corrosive strong.

Peristaltic pump has a good self-sealing. The transfer of liquid will immediately stop as long as the peristaltic pump stop working. The liquid will not drop or droplet because of the change of liquid level, the pipeline design is very simple, no solenoid valve or check valve and other accessories.

The peristaltic pump has good flow stability, the change of pressure will not affect the flow, which is the performance that other pumps do not have. In the test, the peristaltic pump has a wider applicability.

Peristaltic pump liquid transmission has a good linearity. We need to keep abreast of the liquid transmission flow rate in the experimental process, and sometimes the installation of flowmeter is very difficult, at this time we need to use the peristaltic pump linear characteristics, this stable linear characteristics Is not available in other pump type.

Peristaltic pump can transmit strong acid and alkali, strong corrosive liquid, because the liquid flows only through the tube when transferring , the pump can transfer as long as the pump tube is corrosion-resistant material , this is the other pump can not reach. At present, the peristaltic pump tubing is versatile and can transmit almost all of the liquid currently known.

The peristaltic pump can transmit high temperature liquid, and the peristaltic pump tubing can withstand temperatures above 100 ° C, where the fluoro rubber tube can withstand temperatures above 200 ° C, which is not available for other pumps.

Peristaltic pump tube can be replaced by a new tube to transmit a variety of different liquids, will not cause cross-contamination, will not adversely affect the experimental results, other pump type need to be disassembled before cleaning, completely clean up is almost impossible.

The peristaltic pump can transmit air and can run for long periods, which is not available for other pumps.

Peristaltic pump machine has a variety of functions, we can adjust the flow rate, regular quantitative filling, can also be customized according to the user’s requirements, peristaltic pump is the most abundant among this multi-functional integration applications.

At present, peristaltic pump is an indispensable liquid transmission tool for experimental research.

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