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Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is a relatively special industry, generally speaking, when we talk about the filling machinery, the pharmaceutical industry filling line will be separated, this is because the pharmaceutical industry directly related to personal safety problems, so the requirements of the pharmaceutical machinery will be relatively higher.

For the production of drugs, the first is to ensure that the health level of the production environment to reach the medical level. Mainly on the two aspects, on the one hand is the production workshop to achieve the required medical level, including the air dust and fungi limit the number; the other is the production of drugs from the maintenance and production process to achieve the medical level of the provisions.

Involving the production of drugs machinery, the most important thing is to control the direct contact with the drug material, the current is mainly 304,316 or with medical grade plastic and rubber materials. Drug production process transfer and packaging will use the pump products, the use of these pump products is the most prone to pollution.

At present, many of the pumps used in the transfer of finished products are 304 stainless steel impeller pump products. Although this kind of pump products may be allowed from the material, but the impeller pump body will have a lot of health inside the corner, it is extremely difficult to clean, need to pump all open, disinfection and then assembled, this process May also introduce other pollution, cleaning time is longer.

In the drug packaging, the most used pump products are piston pumps and similar structure of the pump products. This kind of product filling also exists a lot of health dead ends, need to remove the whole pump to clean regularly. The need to remove the cleaning site is even more if concerned about the replacement of the type of drug filling, almost the entire production line should be cleaned again. Wasting great manpower and material resources.

In all pump products, the highest level of hygiene is peristaltic pump, so the peristaltic pump is particularly suitable for use in the pharmaceutical process. Peristaltic pump work process, the liquid only in a dedicated tube transmission, will not touch any other metal and non-metallic parts, as long as the tube to ensure the medical level, the production of drugs will meet the requirements. The flow of peristaltic pump is wide, to meet the small flow to large flow of all needs, it does not require maintenance, health disinfection is very simple.

In the application of drug packaging, we need to ensure the filling time and filling accuracy. About the filling time, the peristaltic pump is fully able to meet the requirements. About the filling accuracy, the filling speed of the peristaltic pump has gone through three stages of development: the first stage is time control, filling accuracy is low; the second stage is the pulse control, the precision is much higher than the time control, But limited by the peristaltic pump pulsation phenomenon, filling volume or in a certain range of cyclical fluctuations, does not apply to the the occasion of high precision requirements; the third stage is Baoding ZHUNZE precision pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. developed pulse + Angle control technology, this control method made the precision of peristaltic pump have a qualitative overflight. Achieve the same accuracy with the piston pump. But limited by changes in the flexibility of the tube. In reality, after a period of time, we need to micro adjust the flow, the current peristaltic pump micro adjustment is somewhat inconvenient, which limits the peristaltic pump In the use of high-speed automated pharmaceutical filling machine. ZHUNZE is being developed in the fourth stage of the new type of peristaltic pump in order to solve this problem, the peristaltic pump can do 1 μl of fine adjustment. matching machine that can automatically adjust the signal feedback, and it will be the perfect alternative to the existing plunger pump.

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