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The main factors that affect the price and quality of peristaltic pump

Different manufacturers of products, achieving the same function, but the price is higher or lower, it is possible to buy a good product with a low price, and may be a low-quality product with a high price, how to distinguish, how to judge is the homework that consumer needs to do.

Any product price can be composed by the normal price and the product brand premium. The normal price of the product is determined by the profitability of the product's industry, and the degree of profit chasing of the producer of the product. Brand premium is easy to understand, the more well-known brand, the higher the additional price of its products.

This article mainly explains the commonly used materials, control methods and production technology of peristaltic pump products. Mean to explain the impact of the price of the two important parts of the peristaltic pump-drive and pump head and how to judge whether the price of peristaltic pump is reasonable.

Part 1: About the pump head

Pump head mainly composed by the shell and roller assembly.

1. About the shell. Some of the cheap pump head shell uses the ABS, PC etc., these materials are very cheap, and the mold is easy to process, so the cost is very low. But the stiffness and corrosion resistance of the pump head are relatively poor. High-quality peristaltic pump will generally use PPS material with good rigidity, toughness, corrosion resistance, of course, the price of raw material is 5 times more expensive than the average material, the requirements of the mold is very strict, the cost of production is very high, ZHUNZE peristaltic pump head shell is using imported PPS raw materials.

2. About the roller assembly. It is an important moving part of the peristaltic pump, generally composed by the spindle, needle roller, roller, wheel, bearings, washers and other parts. The following mainly explain the process of each component and its cost.

a, The spindle, needle roller and roller can be made of many kinds of materials such as plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel, the cost is increasing in turn, and the performance gradually increased, too.

b. The wheel is divided into three types according to the different operation modes. The different operation modes are of different cost.

The first is the metal shaft with plastic roller. This kind of roller can only run at low speed, with poor bearing capacity, short life, low precision and there will be friction noise;

The second is the metal roller with oil bearing, this roller has strong carrying capacity, but only low-speed running, shorter life, low accuracy, there may be wheel Percussion;

The third is metal roller with ball bearing, the bearing capacity by this way is moderate, it can run with high speed, high precision, low noise, long life.

The cost of the three ways increases in turn.

c, About the roulette, it can be made of plastic, aluminum and stainless steel. Miniature peristaltic pump head wheel generally will use plastic material, mainly to reduce its cost, a stainless steel wheel cost might be more than the cost of a whole peristaltic pump head. Medium flow of peristaltic pump head, such as YZ series of products, generally will use aluminum alloy material, because of the 3mm thickness wheel, if use stainless steel, it can only be processed in the processing center, So that the cost will be high, but this can improve the rigidity of the pump head, but the pump head will adapt to a more corrosive environment, and can improve the reliability of peristaltic pump. And our YZ series of peristaltic pump head is using stainless steel wheel, the product quality second to none.

d, The bearings are generally divided into stainless steel high-speed high-temperature bearings and ordinary bearing steel bearings, the cost of the former is higher, ZHUNZE pump head bearings are all using high-speed stainless steel bearings.

e, the lowest cost on the wheel is the washer, and almost all of the peristaltic pump manufacturers are using the rubber material O-ring. This washer because of its good elasticity, the products can also be assembled with low accuracy of wheel and the spindle. However, this material, if encountered in the corrosive liquid or air, or encountered high temperature liquid or using a long time, will gradually aging, and then break. All the washer of ZHUNZE products are made of Teflon. This material is ten times more costly than rubber, but can withstand almost all chemical corrosion and high temperature environments.

Part II: About the drive

The drive is mainly composed of a chassis and an internal drive circuit and a motor etc. The chassis is generally made of plastic by injection molding, iron and stainless steel. The appearance of the injection box is relatively beautiful, and the weight is light, the initial cost of the mold is high, the cost of a single product is much lower. The cost of Iron chassis spray will be much higher, the weight is relatively heavy, but it can be used in the factory with harsh environment, the adaptability is much higher than the plastic chassis. The cost of stainless steel chassis is the highest, But the adaptability is the strongest.

Drive circuit and motor are generally supporting. At present, the types of motors used in the peristaltic pump are AC motor, DC motor, brushless DC motor, stepper motor and servo motor, the cost is increased in order and the accuracy is increased. However, some manufacturers use the product is a servo motor, in fact, is a false servo system, the precision is much lower than the stepper motor. The stability at low speed, stepper motor is the highest. Compared with stepper motor, the vibration of the servo motor is small, with overload capacity. Compared with servo motor, the reliability of the stepper motor is much higher because its torque is large at low speed, and do not need to gear box. In addition, the stepper motor can achieve very high positioning accuracy under open-loop conditions, which is unmatched by any other motor.

In terms of reliability, the DC motor is the least reliable because it needs brush and gearbox mechanisms; followed by AC motors, brushless DC motors, and servo motors because the speed of the peristaltic pump head is limited by the tube elasticity, are generally working within the speed of 600RPM, so that in order to achieve low speed creep pump the required torque, we need to install the gear box, this small gear box general quality is not very good, the cost will be higher than the total cost of the whole peristaltic pump if using the high-quality gearbox. Therefore, the reliability of this drive mode is limited by the part of the gearbox; the stepper motor does not contain the brush mechanism, and nor does it require a gear box, its reliability is the most reliable of all power combinations. If the accuracy of the peristaltic pump is required, the optimal choice is stepper motor or servo motor system.

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