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What kind of liquid can peristaltic pump transfer


During the process of peristaltic pump transferring, the liquid flows only through the tube and does not come into contact with other parts of the pump, so that the peristaltic pump can transfer as long as the tube can transmit.

Peristaltic pump tube commonly used material is silicon rubber, this silicone material is improved, it is not the same with the market ordinary silicone tube material, because the requirements of the tube used on the peristaltic pump are relatively high, the tubing needs to have high resilience, abrasion resistance, fatigue resistance, and a certain degree of corrosion resistance, ordinary silicone tube is not possible. Under normal circumstances, peristaltic pump silicone tube can withstand non-corrosive, weak acid and alkaline liquid transmission, food, beverages, cosmetics, biological products, pharmaceutical and other liquids. ZHUNZE pump tube is medical grade platinum vulcanization process of silicone tube.

Import tube common materials are as the following:

Pharmed tube, in some special occasions, the replacement of the tube is more cumbersome, hoping the tube has a high service life, this time import pharmed tube will be used, the composition is polypropylene and USP mineral oil mixture, Life of this tube is the longest one in the all peristaltic pump tube and can achieve up to ten times the life of the silicone tubing, which is the ideal choice for working with pressure. Pharmed tubing can be used to transfer medium acid-base liquid transport, tissue cell culture, fermentation, synthesis, separation, purification and process detection control (available for sensitive cell culture), production filtration and fermentation, aseptic filling, BPC tubing Road systems, food and beverage, cosmetics, biological products, pharmaceutical and other industries, the flexibility is particularly suitable for solenoid valve applications.

Chemical tube, this tube is double wall tube, the inner wall is made of Teflon material, the outer layer is made of thermoplastic elastomer, smooth surface, without plasticizer, can be resistant to strong acid and strong corrosive organic solvents, can transport 98% concentrated sulfuric acid, acetone, toluene.

Viton tube, the composition is fluorine rubber, can be resistant to strong acid (such as 98% concentration of concentrated sulfuric acid), most of the strong corrosion of organic solvents (such as chloroform, etc.).

Tygon tube, the composition is thermoplastic rubber, PVC and plasticizer mixture, can be used in medium acid-base liquid transmission, physical and chemical analysis equipment, can withstand almost all of the laboratory commonly used inorganic chemicals, can be used as condensation Equipment, incubator, trachea, drainage pipes, peristaltic pumps and other experimental hose.

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