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Filling production line

There are currently dozens of filling schemes used in the liquid filling line to apply a variety of filling liquids. The core filling unit has a ring-open design and a closed-loop design. The stability of closed-loop design in the filling can be relatively more reliable, but the production line design is relatively more complex and costly. Open loop design, can greatly simplify the complexity of the production line, but requires the core filling unit has a good consistency and stability, and in the production process according to the characteristics of the filling unit to do product sampling work, according to the timely sampling results adjust to ensure product consistency.


All the filling program can be made closed-loop control, filling results can be detected using induction probe, laser detection, weight detection. The advantage of making the closed loop is that the accuracy of the filling unit is reduced, and it is possible to ensure that the filling results are correct as long as the detection device is working properly, and this test is generally applicable only to occasions where precision required is not very high , such as cosmetics, food and other products of the filling, the filling accuracy of these products only need to ensure that achieve the national norms. If the closed-loop accuracy required is high, the detection device can only use the pressure sensor to measure, in the higher precision requirements, the pressure sensor data processing takes longer, the air flow, equipment, vibration, The impact of the container will have an impact on the pressure sensor, so the filling speed will be very slow, unable to meet the bulk mass production.

There are several ways can be used to make open-loop filling unit of the program, this article mainly explain the peristaltic pump open-loop filling system. From the filling accuracy, the piston pump open-loop filling accuracy and stability is the best, peristaltic pump is the type of pump products only after the piston pump; from the filling machinery pipeline design, as the peristaltic pump has a good self-sealing, its filling system piping design is the simplest; from the filling level of the equipment, the peristaltic pump is the highest health level, which the other kind of pump can not match. The peristaltic pump only needs to be replaced the tubing, and all other parts are maintenance-free. This is the most economical and cost-effective solution for the users. From the filling equipment of the flexible design, because the flow of peristaltic pump can be changed by replaced a tube, so the use of peristaltic pump filling equipment can adapt to a variety of different filling volume without changing the mechanical structure of filling equipment.

At present, the new liquid filling machinery has been more and more use of peristaltic pump filling program, of course, there are some problems to be overcome of the peristaltic pump in the liquid filling process, with the emergence of a variety of new peristaltic pump, peristaltic pump filling process problems are gradually being resolved or will be resolved, in the future, the design of filling machinery will be carried out around the peristaltic pump, which is the development trend of the filling industry.

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